All Geared Up Party Invitation Card


Party Invites 6 pack

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Got a bunch of gear head friends? Going to have the guys over for a car themed something, or just a backyard party? Grab this 6 pack of gear head cards and make it official. Awesome prism foil paper used to make the gears and boy do they pop with a rainbow of color.

Now I know guys don’t give a rip about invites but seriously, get your gal to lend a hand for your next big party and use these amazing cards. Your friends will be impressed and you’ll be remembered as that nut that sent out invites to backyard bash.  Heck I thought they were a great idea when I made them. Hopefully someone else will think they are a great idea and buy them.

Check out the pictures below. I tried to capture the iridescent colors on these. Great depth too. Ladies, buy these for your man’s next party and surprise him and his friends (please).

These are pretty generic really so you could also use them for anything you dream up to celebrate.

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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