About Me and CardDoc

I’m a married grandma of 10 and making greeting cards has become a passion. I started out just making them for family and they were pretty bad. I got some coaching and a good kick-start from my mother Judy. She’s been making cards for years and has a lot of good tricks to share.

With that foundation I went to work developing my skills. In my quest for better cards I stumbled upon an ad for an entire collection of stamps from a local lady looking to get out of the hobby. That single purchase opened up a whole new world to me as I discovered Stampin’ Up. I met the local rep and was off and running. There was so much to learn. I had only scratched the surface.

Through Stampin’ Up and my new friend Renee (she’s the local Stampin’ Up rep) I’ve met many wonderful like-minded ladies and we all share and learn from each other. I’m taking classes on a continuous basis to hone my skills, learn new tricks and discover new tools to help me with the craft.

Keeping busy is also important to keep my mind occupied. My fybromialgia pain is a constant bother and the more I can keep busy and not think about the pain the better off I am. I visit a pain management and treatment center every other month to help keep my pain somewhat manageable. My doctors, PA’s and care givers are amazing, wonderful people and to show my gratitude to them I made them cards. Lots of cards.

My husband gave me the nick name Card Doc because it was like the cards were also part of the treatment, and indeed they are. When people who saw my cards began asking to buy them my little therapy became a full-blown hobby, passion and a little side business simply to help buy more paper to keep me stampin’, punching and folding.

I truly hope you enjoy my occasional ramblings and seeing the cards that come out of pain. It truly is therapeutic and keeps me from going completely bat shit crazy!


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