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We’re on Amazon! and no body noticed

It’s official. We’re now a Handmade Artisan on Amazon. If you’ve been saying to yourself “I sure wish I could buy one of these cards”, well now you can. Jump on over to our store on Amazon for all the latest cards.

It’s April 18, 2018. A year and 2 months in and the Amazon Handmade Marketplace is a crash and burn failure. I think we’ve sold a couple dozen cards. Selling fees have gone up to 20% and it costs $2.66 to ship out a card. Our ranking in the Handmade stationary/card section is somewhere around 246,430 or maybe it was 632,599. It doesn’t matter, there are so many crappy printed card vendors flooding the space it is impossible for quality card crafters to make any impact.

So with that said, we are building our own eCommerce site right here on top of our seldom used blog. This experiment will last a year. The plan is to market a limited number of quality, general use cards at reasonable prices.


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