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The next big step

So I’m gearing up (literally) for my next big step in this adventure. I’m submitting applications to sell my cards at several local North Georgia Craft Fairs. I have no idea if anybody will really buy my cards (total strangers that is). So far all my card sales have been to people I know in some way. Neighbors, friends, people at my husband’s office. So this is a really big step.

Here are the pictures I’ll be submitting with my applications. The first one will be going out for the July 4th Fair in Marietta. I hope I get accepted.  Below is my new canopy and my booth setup on my back patio as a quick test and to get a picture to send in with the application. IMG_1026792

IMG_1026758 IMG_1026588 IMG_1026504 IMG_1026161

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